Prodej nemovitosti

When selling a property, there are several key steps that should not be underestimated. First of all, it is necessary to set the price of the property correctly. So that it is neither too exaggerated, nor disproportionately low.

It is also necessary to choose the right form of presentation. Beautiful professional photos are absolutely essential. In some cases, a presentation in the form of a special type of video tour, the so-called Matterport, can also help.

Absolutely essential is always have a personal property tour with a potential buyer, for which we always carefully prepare. Once the buyer is found, we sign a contract for the reservation of real estate, in which the seller, the buyer and the real estate agency are parties. We always submit draft of purchase contract to the contracting parties within 3 working days. We co-operate with several lawyers who provide both the preparation of contracts and attorney custody of the purchase price.

In case of interest, we are able to flexibly ensure the the purchase price escrow at a notary or in a bank. Thanks to cooperation with reliable financial advisors we can also deal well with mortgage financing. For us, the entire sale process ends only when the seller has the purchase price from the sale in their account and the property, including the supply of energy services, has been handed over to the buyer.

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