Markéta McClellan 

tel.: +420 770 666 414

She has a proven record of successfully renting properties quickly. She has devoted almost a third of her life to real estate practice. At work and in life, you can rely on her professional, fair and honest approach. Thanks to the years spent abroad, she not only has a necessary balanced overview, but also speaks excellent Italian and English. Markéta focuses mainly on rental and property management.

Lucie Nosková

tel.: +420 777 900 015

She can get along well with absolutely everyone and that is to her great advantage. She has a nice, friendly approach and is always ready to find the most suitable tenant for your property. Lucie spent a significant part of her life abroad. In addition to excellent English, she also gained the ability to assess people perfectly. Lucie mainly deals with the rental of apartments and non-residential premises. 

Ing. Hedvika Černochová

tel.: +420 734 373 583

Hedvika wants to know everything about the property she is selling. Due to her dilligence you may also learn things that could surprise you. Her advantage is a precise approach to work, combined with economic education and practice in the field of real estate. Hedvika will help you set this personal selling price of real estate and then create a fitting presentation for you. She speaks Czech and English. Hedvika‘s specialization are sales and market price estimates. Currently on parental leave.